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Cambridge Elementary PTO Communication Plan

This document is designed to outline the best means to communicate with the Cambridge PTO Community for all Event Committee Chairs. 

THANK YOU for your willingness to volunteer and take a lead role for one of the great events for our students!

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, send us an email by going to our PTO website and under Executive Board click on “Contact the Cambridge Elementary PTO Board”.

Below you will find details about our PTO Communications platfoms. To submit a request to be included in our Communications efforts, please complete complete the request form found HERE. If you have a request that is not PTO related but needs to be communicated to our parents, please contact Jenny Gonzales at Should you have information that needs to be sent to our Cambridge parents that is not PTO related, please email Jenny Gonzales at

Contents Included:

  • PTO Website
  • PTO Facebook
  • PTO E-Blast
  • Monday Mail Submissions for PTO
  • SignUp Genius
  • CNN - Cambridge News Network
  • SchoolMessenger


PTO Website

Cambridge PTO has it’s own website -  Our website is THE source for ALL things PTO and is the first place you will want to visit to find out what is happening at Cambridge.  

PTO Facebook

Cambridge PTO has it’s own Facebook page - Cambridge PTO Facebook.  Our Facebook page is a GREAT way to connect and share with other Cambridge parents. 

PTO E-Blast

PTO maintains a database of parent’s names based on grade level, classroom and willingness to volunteer.  We monitor emails to parents with the intention of maintaining effective communication.  

Guidelines include the following:

•Communications appropriate for e-blast distribution are items such as reminders, save the dates, volunteer requests, and announcements. E-blast communications are a supporting communication vehicle and should not be the primary source for information. The primary source and repository for PTO related information is our website. 

•E-Blasts are scheduled to be processed no later than 3pm Tuesdays and Fridays

•Request for e-blasts are due by noon a minimum of 3 school days prior to the requested blast date. For example, a request for a Tuesday blast distribution must be received by noon the Thursday prior. A request for a Friday blast distribution must be received by noon the Tuesday prior.

•Messages should include specific information (date, time, location a contact person and their direct contact information and specific audience)

•The same message can appear no more than one time per week

•Attachments to e-blasts will be distributed as links to uploaded website documents. Attachments must be submitted as finished PDF files.


The following information must be included for E-blast request considerations and scheduling:

  • Current Date
  • Request e-blast date
  • E-Blast Subject title (this will appear in the subject line of the e-blast email)
  • Details of blast (date, time, location, topic and other specific details)
  • Point of contact name, email address and preferred phone number
  • Link requests and/or file attachment


Monday Mail Submission

The Cambridge MM is a great way to get the word out about what is going on at Cambridge. It is very helpful to make sure that every event is included in this newsletter!

Please note that any items for Monday Mail are due by NOON the Wednesday before the MM is distributed. The school Principal has to give final approval for inclusion in the MM.

Guidelines include the following:

The largest file that can be sent out is 2Mb in size. Thus, all attachments to be included in the MM should be much smaller than that. Please keep this in mind when writing and submitting articles. When submitting articles, please designate if they are for School News, PTO News, or District/ Community News. This helps with proper placement of the article. If the article is to be placed in several MMs, please note which dates.  The item to be included in the MM should have all the text that needs to be included in the newsletter. For example, write in complete sentences and not bullets that will have to be transformed into a paragraph. This saves time for those constructing the MM. Please do not write the article in the first person (e.g., do not use "I" or "we" as articles in the MM are written by many different persons).  Dates should be written in the format of day then month (e.g., 15 September and not September 15th). This save space, small though it is.  Space is at a premium; items should be brief and to the point. Graphics can be considered for inclusion.

Please note that Jenny Gonzalez may make changes to submittals in order to fit within space limitations, etc. Effort will be taken to try to ensure that articles included the MM by the chair person(s) are correct. However, this is sometimes limited by the source of the information provided. Thus, be sure to be accurate and clear when writing and submitting articles.

If you desire that your event be included in the Week at a Glance portion of the MM, provide the date, time, title, and location as briefly as possible so that it can be considered for inclusion in that section.


SignUp Genius

Cambridge PTO uses SignUp Genius to create all signs ups.  SignUpGenius is a FREE online tool for creating and managing group sign up lists and forms.  We are happy to assist you with the creation of a SignUp Genius document!  Feel free to email the VP of Communications & Literacy with the details of your event.  



This notification system provides timely communication to parents and staff members on matters such as attendance, general interest activities and campus and district emergencies.  You do not have to do anything to receive these messages.


CNN - Cambridge News Network

CNN is another great way to get the word out!  Please note that to be on CNN you will need to contact Lori Bauml ( by NOON a week before the day you’d like to be on CNN.

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL communications are to be scheduled a week prior to your event!